I know it’s not the same as sitting on the big man’s lap.. but he’s still coming to town. Actually your living room. That’s right I put a call into the north pole and Mr. and Mrs. Clause are willing to take your children’s orders via ZOOM.

You’ll have a private ZOOM chat with Santa while he’s in his workshop, and Mrs. Clause will be there too. I’ll send a gift to your house for “Santa” to leave behind and for your child to open after chatting with Mr. Kringle. Reserve your spot now.

RSVP below and I’ll get you the details on how to set up your day/time, and what Santa would like to know about your child(ren) before the meeting.

Do you know a family that would love to zoom Santa; neighbors, nieces and nephews, grandkids, we’d love to have them all.

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